Unbounce Free Trial And Get 20% OFF For 3 Months or Full Year

Price$80 to $300
Special offer20% off for 3 months or first year
Free Trial14 days to all plans
unbounce free trial

Unbounce offers a 14-day free trial to all new members who join their program, and no matter what plan they choose – Launch or Scale plan. During the Unbounce free trial period, you’ll get access to all the most important Unbounce features to see if the platform meets your business needs.

And if for some reason, you decide later that you don’t want to be a member anymore, then you’ll be able to cancel your Unbounce selected subscription without any additional fees.

How to Get Unbounce Free trial?

In order to get the Unbounce free trial, the process is very simple. Just follow these steps to claim your 14-day free trial plus 20% OFF:

  1. Go through this Unbounce page
  2. You’ll see types of Unbounce plans
  3. Pick the subscription which suits your need.
  4. Just click on “Start my 14-day free trial”
  5. And the next screen fill the details and credit card information
  6. Congratulation! you got your free trial. Don’t forget to cancel If you think it doesn’t suits your need. But keep in mind do this before the free trial ends

Unbounce Features

  • Drag and drop landing page builder
  • Lead generation form builder and two-step opt-in page
  • A/B testing features to analyze which set of landing page version gives you more conversions.
  • Custom scripts and pixels (Ads pixel code for tracking)
  • 3000+ free stocks images from Unsplash.com you can freely use in your landing page design
  • Clone, edit, copy & paste the entire page without building from scratch
  • Create custom popups & sticky bars it helps you to convert more visitors into customers
  • Choose 100+ tested & tested convertible landing page templates
  • All templates are 100% mobile responsive
  • Artificial intelligence-powered tools help you to increase more ROI
  • You can free connect custom domains
  • If you have a website on WordPress just use the Unbounce landing page plugin to seamlessly connect the landing page to your site.

and lots other Unbounce features which makes them better conversion platform. Some of the noticiable features of Unboune you can’t afford to ignore that is Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic

Using Artificial Intelligence-powered optimization, Unbounce’s Smart Traffic AI automatically matches each visitor to the page where they are most likely to convert and rank them on an individual level. They do this by looking at your site and analyzing every single interaction from a human being, as well as factors like bounce rate, time on site, pages per session, browser cookies, locations, and more.

It also tests & predicts which type of audience is suitable and shows them the right variant of the landing page at the right time, which is more likely to convert.

FAQs On Unbounce Free Trial

How much Unbounce will cost after free trial?

It depends on the plan you have selected during the checkout. However, If you have purchased through a discount link, you’ll get 20% off for 3 months if you’ll select a monthly plan or 20% off for the full year if you choose a yearly plan.

Can i upgarde my account during free trial?

Yes, you can upgrade your account during the trial period. However, it’s recommended When you think it’s worth it for your business.

Is there any restirictions during free trial?

Fortunately, Unbounce doesn’t prevent you from accessing all the premium features during your free trial. It’s like taking advantage of all premium features for 14-day without paying anything from your pocket. Even Unbounce doesn’t put any watermark sign during your free trial.

Does Unbounce offer coupon code?

Unbounce doesn’t offer any coupon code officially. If you would like to save some money when purchasing any Unbounce plan, you’re free to use this referral link to avail 20% discount for 3 months. If you plan to bill monthly or a 20% discount for the first year, you’ll be billed annually.

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