Spocket Vs Oberlo: Which Dropshipping App is Best in 2021

Are you confused between Spocket and Oberlo dropshipping service? Don’t worry I have done complete research on top dropshipping companies, As well as compared dropshipping services and features.

Luckily Spocket and Oberlo, both are in my top dropshipping companies list. So, here you will get a detailed Spocket vs Oberlo comparison and the clear winner of the comparison.

In this review, I’ll do in-depth comparison of Spocket vs Oberlo helps you to choose the right Shopify app for your dropshipping business.

At the end of this article, you will have a solid idea to choose the right Shopify app for your dropshipping business. Let’s dive in.

Shopify dropshipping makes it easy to set up its own e-commerce business without the hassle of managing product inventory, shipping, and warehouse cost.

Usually, you have to do lots of research and brainstorming to sell products online. After this, you have to still have a budget to invest a lot in the product inventory with no guarantee it gets selling or not.

But with a dropshipping big chance in your bucket if you do marketing of your dropshipping products strategically you’ll make 7-figure in a short period of time.

Anybody can literally set up an e-commerce store ready to selling immediately without managing product inventory and shipping.

And as per managing your online store that works smoothly long term without any interruption, from adding products to your store and making your first sale, Shopify has everything you’ll ever need to start and run a successful dropshipping business.

When we well planned to open a dropshipping store it’s obvious the next question comes in our mind how can I scale-up my dropshipping business with Shopify? And this time Spocket vs Oberlo comes in.

At this moment where we should choose wisely the best Shopify dropshipping app that’s skyrocket product selling with 100% profitable.

The problem isn’t what to sell when we have a winning product hunting tool.

Dropshipping is a huge market in recent years Shopify is a preferred platform by most online entrepreneurs. There are many apps on Shopify store that allows you dropship, import product from suppliers with ease.

Before we going to comparing the services and features of both apps I will give you background information first.



spocket vs oberlo: spocket homepage
Spocket Vs Oberlo: Spocket homepage

Spocket established in the year 2017 Vancouver, British Columbia, Spocket set out to transform the drop shipping market and help online retailers compete with Amazon through solving the problem face by most retailers need to hold inventory and upfront costs.

The company currently serves over 50,000 entrepreneurs across five continents, helping them to launch and scaleup their online store with ease. 

Indeed, the company grew quickly, starts in 2017 from now approximately a year after it opened its doors, the company capable to raised $1.5 million in funding from popular investors like 7 Gate Ventures, Plug and Play accelerator, Mistral Venture Partners, and the Panache Ventures.

That is a great achievement for every company who has done the job like Spocket.


spocket vs oberlo: Oberlo homepage
Spocket vs Oberlo: Oberlo homepage

Lithuania-based Oberlo established in 2015. Two years later, the company was acquired by Shopify for an estimated $15 million. 

Oberlo allows users to import products directly from Chinese mega to your dropshipping store it usually imports from AliExpress, While Spocket concentrates on North American and European providers.

Since it began operating, Oberlo merchants have sold more than 85 million products worldwide.

Oberlo works as an extension to import products from AliExpress to your Shopify dropshipping store.

Oberlo doesn’t have its own products On the other hand Spocket has its own suppliers they don’t import from china as Oberlo do they source unique products from local EU/USA suppliers.

Which Shopify App is Better For Dropshipping, Spocket or Oberlo?

Both apps are available in the Shopify App Store and performing well but have small drawbacks which I will clear everything you need to understand and choose which one is best for your dropshipping business?.

How Spocket is different from Oberlo we will discuss based on the below points?

1. Product Sourcing: what products are available and where they source from?

2. Branding and label: Do they care about your brand name or business?

3. Product delivery: How much time does it take to deliver the product to your customer?

4. Automations: Spocket vs Oberlo

5. Integrations: Availability on various e-commerce platforms

6. Contact Support: Are they available to solve your problem when required?

7. Pricing: Are their service worthy?

Let’s discuss which dropshipping app is best, Spocket or Oberlo? we will compare both this app with its features, pricing, services, and support.

Product Sourcing: Spocket vs Oberlo


Oberlo is also a Shopify app it is primarily focused on the product to export from AliExpress. Only some of the sellers on AliExpress are verified it is quite difficult for you to trust on that whether they deliver the product to your customer on time or not.

It might take you 10-22 days (for international shipping) to deliver the product to your customers because of them from China.

Only a few unique products are available. Oberlo app works as an extension to add the product to your store directly from AliExpress.


The average product quality on Spocket seems to better as compared to Oberlo because Spocket listed their product from the local manufacturer, Etsy artisans rather than from AliExpress.

The supplier of Spocket goes personally for interviews from sellers by taking a sample from that whether the products are good or not.

Huge suppliers are from the US and EU its a better chance to get fast shipping.

Branding and Viability

In today’s crowded online marketplace its very important to standouts from the crowd. Branding and labels are important for your business to make a better relationship with your customers.

Spocket and Oberlo suppliers grantees none of the promotional flyers will send to your customer.

With Spocket, you get an extra benefit that is very important for your business to make a better relationship with the customer that Oberlo doesn’t provide alongside neutral, generic packaging, Spocket suppliers will attach your store’s invoice to the box- together with your store’s name, contact details, your brand, and a private note from you to the client.

spocket vs oberlo: spocket invoice
spocket vs oberlo: spocket invoice for customer

Spocket offers the flexibility to order samples from the search page and special collections that create it straightforward to import new products: new options typically crop up on the app to assist businesses. Oberlo is an older company, established in 2015- Spocket is comparatively new, just over a year old.

Ratings on Shopify

spocket vs oberlo: spocket ratings on shopify
spocket vs oberlo: oberlo ratings on shopify

Spocket – 4.5 with over 1780 reviews.

Oberlo – 4.2 with over 2333 reviews.

As we noticed how Spocket is better than Oberlo based on Shopify Customer’s rating.

Product Delivery

The most common problem heard about Oberlo it takes lots of time to deliver the product to your customers because they source products from AliExpress it may be the main reason but Spocket source their products from the local marketplace. And it is much faster than Oberlo.

Note: Many customers canceled the order if it takes more than a week. So, it cannot ignore it is very important for a successful dropshipping business.


Spocket and Oberlo provides best dropshipping automations that is necessary for dropshipping business but have small drawback which I have shown in the below table.

spocket vs oberlo: automations
Spocket vs oberlo: automations


spocket vs oberlo: integrations
spocket vs oberlo: integrations

Spocket is also available on WooCommerce.


Customer supports is very important for growing business. Both Spocket and Oberlo provide 24/7 customer support, with the in-app facility.

So, no matter what problem you are facing just get help for the assistant.

Overall, both have well-performed customer support so, you can get instant help if you found any problem.

Additionally, Spocket has a Facebook group so, you can also interact with other entrepreneurs like you if you need any help regarding the Spocket platform they will help you instantly.

Spocket and Oberlo both have blogs if you are a beginner you can get lots of help from their guides. They will posts multiples times in a week.


Spocket has four plans in monthly subscription choose which is perfect for your business.

If you are just started a business you can choose a starter plan if you do some level of business already you may select PRO, EMPIRE, or either UNICORN.

Monthly plans costing you in following ways: Starter ( $19/mo ), Professional ( $49/mo ), Empire ( $99/mo ) and Unicorn ( $299/mo).

Pricing-In Monthly

  • Up to 25 Unique Products
  • Currency Exchange Real-time Inventory
  • Update Email Support
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Global Pricing Rules
  • Shipment Tracking Number
  • Up to 250 Unique Products
  • Up to 25 Premium Products
  • Branded Invoicing
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Premium 24/7 Chat Support
  • Exclusive Deals
    • Premium Search
  • Plus Everything in Starter Plan
  • Up to 10,000 Products
  • Premium 24/7 Chat Support
  • Up to 10,000 Premium Products
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Plus Everything in Pro Plan
  • Bulk Checkout
  • Product Requests
  • Premium 24/7 Phone
  • Support
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Plus Everything in Empire Plan

Why not save some bucks when in front of you?

If you want to save some money then you should join the annual subscription, because you can get up to 5 Months Free!.

spocket vs oberlo: spocket annual pricing
spocket vs oberlo: Spocket annual pricing

In annual subscription, the Pro plan cost you $33/mo, Empire $29/mo, and Unicorn $165/mo.

Oberlo is offering similar subscription plans like Spocket, monthly and yearly that is ranging from free to $79.90/month.

spocket vs oberlo: oberlo pricing
spocket vs oberlo: oberlo pricing

Oberlo has three plans starter, basic, and professional which is ranging from Free to $79.90/month. It is only work as extension to import products from AliExpress to your Shopify store.


Guess where the decision moved its either in Spocket Or Oberlo favor?. Lets see below is our answer.

After talking and compared lots of features and services Spocket vs Oberlo finally, Spocket is the winner! of this review. Both apps are formidable good on the Shopify app store and have the best ratings.

Here are very important things I just noticed that Oberlo has less automation as Spocket provides you. Oberlo only works as an extension to import products from AliExpress, on the other hand, Spocket has its own local EU/US suppliers with unique products.

For long term business Spocket is good to go choice for dropshipping. Have a smooth user experience which skyrockets your online business success.

If you are ready to start your dropshipping business with Spocket start your risk-free 14-day free trial with Spocket.

It’s Time to take right decision

If you still have confusion I suggest you start a 14-days free trial with Spocket to experience this good for you or not.

Take Free Test Drive With Spocket

Choosing Spocket over Oberlo is a good decision.

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